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-2018 1▓3:48 BJTTwo Chinese students will join 10 others from aroun▓d the world for a three-week course at a music college specializing in Italian bel canto singing.Shang Chunlai d▓id not expect he would win the final ticket▓ to the summer course of the Georg Solti Academy in Italy next year. The 26-year-old baritone was s

tunned for a few seconds after his name was announced▓ following his performance at the National Center for th▓e Performing Arts.Then he received congratulati▓ons and hugs from his peers seated beside him.This▓ is the third year that the Georg Solti Academy, the renowned music college specializing in teaching Italian bel canto singing, has held auditions for students▓ to join its spec

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ialized training program.More than 50 applicants submitted their videos of the three Italian arias to the organizers, and 21 got a chance to aud

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